Our Mission

We commit to –

  • Harness community expertise at all levels.
  • Commit to effective collaboration across our community
  • Strengthen relationships that support partnership in learning between whanau and school.
  • Grow akonga capabilities and competencies
  • Strengthen pathways and transitions through our community
  • Develop shared, reflective and culturally responsive, effective pedagogy
  • Strengthen leadership capabilities across the community of learning.
  • Engage in meaningful appreciative inquiry as a means of celebrating our strengths and achieving our dreams
  • Build coherence across and within our schools so that we collectively set goals and achieve our targets.
  • Develop learner agency across all schools so that our students achieve success in future focused environments

Our Values

The Howick Coast Kāhui Ako values the following collaborative approach to ensure equity of outcomes for all students:

  • Listening to the voice instead of just listening to voice
  • The commitment of all to the agreed norms of behaviour when we are working together.
  • Collective loyalty to the vision and mission
  • Presence and open mindedness in collaboration
  • Open Dialogue
  • Listening to understand
  • Inquiry that is appreciative,strength based, solution oriented
  • A spirit of adventure
  • Accountability of all in the community
  • Transparency of action
  • Respect and trust
  • Empathy

Our Strategies

1. Leadership

with collaboration and coherence (including Growth Coaching)

2. Effective Pedagogy

(includes Future Focus, Student Agency, Culturally Responsive Practices)

3. Pathways and Transitions

(includes Community Involvement)

Our Context

Tangata Whenua

The Howick Coast Kāhui Ako is geographically spread through Howick and the Pohutukawa Coast. It is situated in the very heartland of the Ngāi Tai/Ngāti Tai iwi who have held mana whenua, and mana moana here continuously since their ancestors arrived on the ‘Tainui’ waka and married into their people that were already residing and maintaining āhi kā roa in this and surrounding districts.

Achievement Challenge 1

Increase learner agency across the Kāhui Ako

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Develop shared understanding of student agency across all schools, through use of the Agency Self Perception Tool (ASPT) and apply this knowledge to increasing student achievement in writing at years 4, 6, 8 and 10, specifically targeting boys and Māori and Pasifika students.

Achievement Challenge 2

NCEA and UE rates improve to meet or exceed NZ Decile 8-10 levels

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Through the use of targeted tracking, mentoring and NCEA programme review, shifting Howick College 2022-2024 NCEA Year 12 (NCEA Level 2) merit and excellence endorsement rates to meet or exceed the decile 8-10 national rates.

Achievement Challenge 3

Foster equitable learning opportunities and outcomes for all learners

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Students requiring additional learning support receive comprehensive and effective assistance to enable them to achieve, thus moving down or off the Learning Support Register (LSR). By 2024 we will move all 529 students to at least one category.

Achievement Challenge 4

Strengthen Transitions and Pathways

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Through enabling the development of effective pedagogical leaders, enhancing the transition to school process in Howick Coast Kāhui Ako, designing local curriculum and Assessment for Learning, resulting in retention of students within our pathway.